Block 2

We began laying out Block 2 in 2009 in preparation for planting in the spring of 2010.

Block 2

The view is splendid.

Block 2 View

There were a few issues to deal with.


But help was always at hand.


It was a tremendous piece of work for Kristi and me. More progress in the next post.

First growth.

After much work, we planted the first 100 vines in April of 2009 with no idea whether wine grapes would grow here. As far as we know, these are the first wine grapes planted in Kerr County. After two weeks in the ground, the first tiny leaves appeared.

First leaf.

By July, we could see that our soil would grow grape vines, and we began making plans for planting more.

Cab. Sauvignon


100_0052Here’s where we started – raw land and an idea.  Spring of 2008.


By July of 2008 we had started putting in the posts for the first experimental vineyard – 100 vines, 4 varieties on 2 different rootstocks.  Planting scheduled for April of 2009.